The pros and cons of snow tires

snow tire

Most drivers use snow tires for cars during the winter season when extra traction is required. Snow tires vary from normal tires because they have high-quality rubber. The manufacturer included studs as the major components to increase grip. The tires ensure firm grip while driving on slippery ground or wet surface. The discussion below highlights both disadvantages and advantages of snow tires.


Superior braking- most of the snow tires enhance breaking activities of the car. Cars fitted with good snow tires can brake hard on a wet road and dig deep unlike the ordinary skidding tires. Such characteristic helps to prevent accidents and risk driving.

Better grip capability- snow tires ensure maximum grip on a snowy region. The tires have a combination of hard studs and gripping rubber that can hold on an ice road and retain stability of the car.


Tough on other roads- the snow tire grips damage the road. Because the grips are tough, they increase reaction with the dry surface thus damaging the normal roads.

Fragile- most of the snow tires are made of sifting rubber. As a result, they wear out faster as compared to regular tires. It is not advisable to use them in normal conditions because you can ruin the treads.

Operating a moving truck under snowy and icy road conditions can be treacherous and dangerous for you and other motor vehicle drivers and passengers. The good news is that most rental trucks from U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, and the like have reliable winter tires.

However, if you do not feel comfortable driving a rental truck, consider calling on the services of one of the professional moving companies in Syracuse, NY.