How to prepare your vehicle for winter

While many people take necessary precautions in their homes and houses when the winter weather is heralded by its many facets, little regard of similar magnitude is directed to the vehicle, which is one of the most important mobility assets.

Overlooking essential preparations tips for a winter season is very perilous and life threatening to both the vehicle and its users. The winter weather is extreme and can put undue strain on the car safety, functionality, appearance as well as the personal security of the driver and companions.

Quick tips to prepare a car for winter

Emergency kits

It is imperative to have a kit, an additional one for that, that can help overcome the roaring snow, ice and fog that may befalls on the way. Such kits include a torch, a heavy sweater, oil, candles, matches, shovel, pocket knife, and a sleeping bag.

Construct a shelter for the car

A garage is essential to cover the car from the razing weather. Failure to do this would have the car appearance fully distorted the falling can work negatively against the car paint. The extreme ice falling can also have adverse effect on the radiator fluids, making it to freeze.

While it may be difficult to have a car shade all the time, it is important to own a car cover, with bright colors to protect the car appearance.

Check the coolant system

Dysfunctional anti-freeze system such as leaking can affect a great deal the temperatures f the car. Overheating because the freezing system is not working is tantamount to making a driver stuck on the road. As the season heralds it is essential to make sure that this system is in proper and good working condition. This means visiting the garage.

At the garage, the mechanics should also help in checking other defects that the car has. This include checking the oils, the wheels, whether they have the right tread depth, as well as installing anti ice complimentary such as heater system, blowers, windshield wipers ,as well as window defrosters. They ones that are defective should be replaced immediately.

Other features that should be examined include the car electrical system, the car fluids, and regular checking of tire pressure. It is important to also own a pressure and oil gauge.

Understanding DUI

Let’s get serious for a minute. Too many people in our area — young and old — are driving after drinking. A local MADD advocate wanted to share the following:

Before getting your driver’s license, you must successfully pass certain tests plus demonstrate a basic familiarity with operating a vehicle. Normally, these kinds of tests go over information on driving under the influence along with what is deemed a violation of this type. Driving under the influence is a substantial criminal offense and therefore includes harsh consequences so the more you fully understand about this, the much better you’re going to be in the long term.

If you’re charged with drunk driving, the first thing you need to do is find out what is recognized as drunk driving and also whether or not you really are going to be accused of some sort of misdemeanor or even a felony. A good Orange County DUI Attorney will undoubtedly be of great assistance when charged with this crime.

If you are of legal age and you are pulled over with regard to drunk driving, an officer determines your blood alcohol level. When it is 0.08% or more, you will be thought to be driving under the influence. For those below the age of 18 years of age, virtually any beer in the body can result in a charge of this specific sort. Industrial drivers will have to fulfill a unique standard.

Any commercial vehicle driver with a BAC that is 0.04% or higher is regarded as driving while impaired. The policeman holds the right to charge you with driving while intoxicated in the event you refuse the breath analyzer or any other chemical substance assessment.

Many DUIs tend to be misdemeanors, but there are certainly cases where you can be arrested for a felony. If you have multiple DUI prosecutions, three or more, the judge may well charge you with a felony and also the same holds true if you’ve been in a major car accident. Whenever these circumstances aren’t met, you may still find you’re faced with a felony when 3 or more circumstances are actually fulfilled.

If you were enacting some sort of vehicular traffic infringement AND wounded another person because of the violation, the court will likely charge you with a felony and you will really need to use a DUI Lawyer.

Remember the great Dale Earnhardt

dale earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. is greatly missed in the world of stock car racing and NASCAR. He was killed instantly during the Daytona 500 on February 18, 2001 after a collision with Ken Schrader and Sterling Marlin on the final lap.

Earnhardt was one of the great racers, as well as a team owner. He began his professional racing career in 1975 in the Winston Cup Series and won more than 76 races. One of his greatest victories was the 1998 Daytona 500.

He captured seven Winston Cup titles in all, tying the legendary Richard Petty. Inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010, Earnhardt earned the nickname The Intimidator thanks to his aggressive driving style.

Earnhardt was born into a racing family in North Carolina in April 1951. His father Ralph was a noted short-track driver in his home state and mentored his son before dying of a heart attack at the age of 45 in 1973.

While Ralph did not pursue a professional career, Dale dropped out of high school to chase his driving dreams. Dale later passed his love of racing to Dale, Jr., now a top NASCAR driver.

Although Dale is known for driving the No. 3 car he started his Winston Cup career manning the No. 8 Dodge Charger. He finished 22nd in his first race and wasn’t a regular participant in the Cup series until 1979.

Earnhardt’s career blossomed after joining Rod Osterlund Racing. He won at Bristol in 1979 and finished with 11 top 5s. In 1980, Earnhardt won five races and took home his first Winston Cup championship.

Earnhardt joined Childress Racing in 1984 and finished his career with that team. The rest is history.

Today, Earnhardt is still remembered fondly around NASCAR racetracks. Earnhardt Tower, a section of seats at Dayton International was named in his honor following his death. He also has many roads and streets named after him, including one in his hometown of Kannapolis, North Carolina.

When Jimmie Johnson won his 76th career race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2016, tying Earnhardt’s record, the driver held up three fingers out his window to honor Earnhardt. Johnson’s sign of respect was reminiscent to what fans did during the third lap of every NASCAR race following Earnhardt’s death.

He may be gone, but Dale Earnhardt’s legacy will always live.